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Opt for our secure and transparent pricing models tailored to your Family Office’s needs. Whether you choose Time & Materials (T&M) or Fixed Price, both are supported by an escrow service, ensuring secure transactions and clear financial engagements for your QuantConnect strategies.

Choose the Right Financial Engagement for Your Strategies

Understanding the diverse needs and financial preferences of Family Offices, we offer two distinct pricing models for developing and managing your QuantConnect trading strategies: Time & Materials (T&M) and Fixed Price. Both models are designed with security and transparency at their core, facilitated through a trusted escrow service to ensure peace of mind and financial integrity.

Time & Materials (T&M): Flexibility to Adapt

Our Time & Materials model is ideal for Family Offices seeking flexibility. This option allows you to pay for the actual work performed, making it suitable for projects where the scope may evolve over time. It offers the agility to adjust your strategies and development efforts as market conditions change or as new opportunities arise.


  • Flexibility to modify project scope and priorities
  • Payment for actual work done, ensuring transparency and control over costs
  • Continuous adaptation to changing market dynamics or strategy requirements

Fixed Price: Predictability and Control

For Family Offices preferring predictability in budgeting, our Fixed Price model provides a clear, upfront cost for the entire project. This model is best suited for projects with well-defined scopes and deliverables. It offers the assurance of a fixed cost, allowing for straightforward financial planning and budget control.


  • Predictable costs with no surprises
  • Clear deliverables and timelines established from the start
  • Simplified budgeting and financial management

Secured Through Escrow: Your Assurance of Trust

Both pricing models are supported by an escrow service, adding an extra layer of security and trust to the financial transaction. The escrow service ensures that funds are securely held and only released upon mutually agreed milestones or project completion. This setup provides both parties with confidence in the financial arrangement, safeguarding your investments and ensuring accountability.


  • Enhanced security for financial transactions
  • Funds released only upon achieving agreed milestones or project completion
  • Neutral third-party oversight, ensuring fairness and fulfillment of contract terms

Partnering for Success

Choosing the right pricing model is crucial for the successful implementation of your QuantConnect trading strategies. Whether you value the adaptability of Time & Materials or the predictability of a Fixed Price model, our commitment is to provide you with a secure, transparent, and effective financial engagement. Let us tailor our services to meet your strategic and financial needs, ensuring a partnership that aligns with your Family Office’s investment goals and operational preferences.