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How to use Sample Scripts

The Scripts section on offers many turn-key examples.
You can copy-paste these into QuantConnect, run the scripts, and start playing, understanding and customizing for your own use.
The provided code samples have been tested and will run successfully in QuantConnect.

The detailed steps you need to follow to get any of the code samples to run:

Step 1 – Login to QuantConnect:

Step 2 – On the Home page, under the ‘Start’ section, click ‘+ Create New Algorithm‘:

Step 3 – Click ‘use Default Template‘:

Step 4 Select all content in the Main.cs or file, and delete it

Step 5Paste the code you want to test into the Main.cs or file

Step 6Click the ‘Play’ button to build and execute the code

That’s it! Once completed, you will see the results.

If the results are empty, then change the date range used in the code to more recent dates.

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