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How Do We Work Together?

Begin your journey with a first call to share your trading objectives and determine how QCS aligns with your vision. We’re here to transform your strategies into automated success, ensuring every step from initial discussion to project completion is grounded in mutual understanding and tailored to your specific needs.

The following steps will be discussed in more detail below:

  1. First Call
  2. Requirements and Scope
  3. Estimate & Go / No Go
  4. Escrow Funding
  5. Development & Feedback

You can also click here to download a pdf version of this process:

1. First Call

Your journey starts here as we explore your unique trading goals and introduce how QCS can support your success.

  • Discover your specific trading challenges and aspirations.
  • Learn about tailored QCS solutions matching your needs.
  • Initiate a partnership based on understanding and trust.
  • Book our ‘Requirements and Scope’ meeting.

2. Requirements and Scope

Deepen our collaboration as we outline your specific needs and define the project’s scope to ensure targeted, effective solutions.

  • Detail your trading strategy requirements and operational needs.
  • Clarify project objectives, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Establish a clear, mutual understanding of the project scope and outcomes.
  • Book our ‘Estimate & Go/No Go’ meeting.

3. Estimate & Go/No Go

We provide a comprehensive estimate for the project, leading to a decisive moment for partnership and project commencement.

  • Present detailed cost estimate aligned with your project scope.
  • Discuss timelines, milestones, and payment terms.
  • Joint decision-making to proceed with the proposed solution.
  • Agree on Escrow funding.

4. Escrow Funding

Solidify your commitment and start the project by depositing funds into our pre-established escrow account.

  • Deposit your project funds into the existing escrow account.
  • Ensure financial security and commitment from both sides.
  • Activation of project development upon successful fund deposit.
  • Setup regular review meetings for the project duration.

5. Development & Feedback

Iteratively develop the solution based on the defined requirements and scope. Regularly getting your feedback to ensure you get the value you expect.

  • Initiate the custom solution development phase with regular progress updates.
  • Provide incremental versions for review and feedback to ensure alignment.
  • Implement feedback to refine and perfect the solution iteratively.
  • Sign off on completed solution, release (final) Escrow funding.

Get Started Now: Book your free consultation today and embark on the journey to transform your trading operations with QCS. For appointments and queries: