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Data on QuantConnect


In the world of algorithmic trading, access to a wide variety of high-quality data is essential for making informed trading decisions. QuantConnect, a leading algorithmic trading platform, provides traders with a comprehensive selection of data options to enhance their trading strategies. From the US Equity Security Master dataset, which offers corporate action data, to the Bitcoin Metadata dataset, providing fundamental data on Bitcoin processing, and the NFT Sales dataset, tracking NFT sales across various blockchains, QuantConnect offers a rich history of data to empower traders. In this article, we will explore the depth and breadth of data available on QuantConnect, catering to traders interested in harnessing the power of data-driven trading.

US Equity Security Master: Unveiling Corporate Actions

The US Equity Security Master dataset on QuantConnect serves as a valuable corporate action data source, providing information on splits, dividends, mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, and delistings. Covering approximately 27,500 US equities, this dataset offers traders a comprehensive view of the corporate actions that impact the stock market. With data available from January 1998, traders can analyze historical trends and gain insights into how corporate actions have influenced the performance of individual stocks over time. The US Equity Security Master dataset is available for free on QuantConnect, enabling traders to access this valuable resource without incurring any additional costs.

Bitcoin Metadata: Understanding Bitcoin Processing

For traders interested in the cryptocurrency market, QuantConnect offers the Bitcoin Metadata dataset, which provides fundamental data on Bitcoin processing. This dataset covers essential metrics such as hash rate, miner revenue, and the number of transactions, offering insights into the underlying dynamics of the Bitcoin blockchain. With data available from January 2009, traders can explore the historical trends and patterns that have shaped the Bitcoin ecosystem. The Bitcoin Metadata dataset is accessible for free on QuantConnect, allowing traders to leverage this valuable resource in their algorithmic trading strategies.

NFT Sales: Exploring Non-Fungible Token Marketplaces

The NFT Sales dataset on QuantConnect, sourced from CryptoSlam!, provides traders with data on NFT sales across multiple blockchains. With coverage across 11 blockchains and their respective cryptocurrencies, this dataset enables traders to track the sales volume and trends of NFTs in various marketplaces. From June 2017 onwards, traders can analyze the growth and popularity of NFTs over time and gain insights into the evolving NFT market. The NFT Sales dataset is available for free on QuantConnect, providing traders with a comprehensive view of the NFT landscape without any additional costs.

Accessible and Free Data in the Cloud

One of the significant advantages of using QuantConnect is the accessibility and availability of data in the cloud. Traders can access the US Equity Security Master, Bitcoin Metadata, NFT Sales, and various other datasets directly on the QuantConnect platform without the need for additional data subscriptions. This ensures that traders have a wealth of data at their fingertips, allowing them to analyze historical trends, develop robust trading strategies, and make data-driven decisions.


QuantConnect empowers algorithmic traders with a vast array of data options, covering different asset classes and markets. From the US Equity Security Master dataset, offering insights into corporate actions, to the Bitcoin Metadata dataset, providing fundamental data on Bitcoin processing, and the NFT Sales dataset, tracking NFT sales across blockchains, QuantConnect provides a comprehensive suite of data resources. Traders can leverage this data to gain valuable insights, develop sophisticated trading strategies, and navigate the dynamic world of algorithmic trading. With accessible and free data in the cloud, QuantConnect remains a valuable platform for traders seeking to enhance their trading edge through data-driven approaches.

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